Sunday, 28 August 2011

Quilt part two.

So the next part was to lay out my squares in alternate darks and lights in a pleasing manner then stitch the rows together. Here I have done the top two rows already.

As I was cutting up all my squares I found I was chopping up hens and wheelbarrows with gay abandon! Then after the shuffling process and as I began to re-stitch them I discovered that this hen had joined itself up again, despite being on two completely different fabrics! Well, this square just had to be the central one didn't it?

And finally after a second day of stitching, I finished the top, complete with sashing. I had to concentrate hard to cut the border fabrics the correct way so the pattern all went round the right way!

And I was rather impressed with my beautifully lined up corners on my sashing, if I do say so myself! Not bad for a beginner!

Now I have to back and bind it. I bought some binding fabric but I don't like the colour so a re-think is needed...

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Ian and Karen said...

It's looking really good, well done Natasha.


Linda said...

oooo that's gorgeous!

Donna said...

Nice work!!!!

Sid said...

Fab and great !!

salamanda said...

A beginner? Don't think you can call yourself that any more. Beautiful creation