Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Art Journal Week 34

Still keeping up with this! This week was "Dreams; do you have them? Do you dream in colour? Can you remember them? Do have recurring dreams? Include some clouds on your page." I DO dream, quite a lot but I only ever remember the horrible ones! There are 3 main ones I remember; one when I was a teenager I was walking through London and it was deserted. There had been some sort of incident and there were no people about just lots of smoke and black sacks. The second one I have quite often and my teeth crumble whilst I am lying in bed and as I try to spit the bits out they just keep on crumbling; the third one I am walking into my shower and a man steps out and attacks me......I wonder what a dream analyst would make of that little lot?

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salamanda said...

Loving your bags and the journal page is cool. Thank you for the information about Purl Bee, just spend a good chunk of time drooling. My MIL made a bag using quilting techniques to look like faux chenille. It's fab and I meant to take a pic but will next time as I'm sure you would enjoy making one.