Friday, 19 August 2011

Art Journal Weel 33

This week's Journal Prompt was "Spirit; are you spiritual? Include a quote and stamp a symbol that has a meaning for you". Clearly I don't consider myself to be spiritual so this week was done with my tongue firmly in cheek! In fact I was chatting about this very fact with my friend Burnice (who, I found out yesterday after knowing her for about 5 years, was born in Australia!) and she sort of "dared me" to go with it! So emerged this multi layered affair.

Under the first flap is this G&T printed on acetate as an overlay to my first quote.

The final layer is another acetate overlay, this time of a brandy glass and another quote from that well known poem! Again, as I have no symbols that are inportant to me I used a circley stamp for the BG. So the conclusion to all this is that I have no spirituality at all then! Well none that is strong enough to write about!

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