Friday 31 July 2009

THE wedding!

For once a decent pic of me! I was at the weddding and my OH snapped this one! I quite like it ....for once. Must have had a few by then!!
Posted by Picasa....and of course the bride and groom having the first dance! I think this is my fave pic of all 250+ I took!!!
No doubt more will follow as I have to show off my beautiful children yet!

I thought it was high time I blogged again, now the wedding is over and we have broken up! And yes I did get the book finished and I think it was well received but no I forgot to photograph the rest! As usual I am soooo behind with my crafting; I have a CJ waiting here to do and I am about 6 letters behind with my tags but I really felt the urge to scrapbook today....for me for a change! I had already ordered the pics so I continued with my album of this year. Two DLOs so far. The first was just a few snaps that I was quite please with of various people playing draughts, lying on the lounge floor! The LO was lifted from a Becky Higgins book and I got the ripped paper rose from that too which I am rather pleased with!
This LO was Easter Sunday. I just LOVE the plaid paper and keep looking at it in the shop so I was really pleased when I found some pics it worked with! Not too sure about the lettering...had to try and do it with the Big Shot and it nicked a few bits out of the circles but I guess it's only me that will notice that!
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