Sunday 25 April 2010

D Fortnight

I didn't think that we had done much during our D fortnight but when I looked through the pics we were rather busy! It was the Easter hols so we went to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs.

Jess and I were wearing our DMs and denim jeans...
We saw dinosaur skeletons...
...and dodos...

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...and diamonds. This display showed one of every colour that diamonds have ever been found in.
We saw daffodils out of the train window on the way home.Jasper did some drawing,Jess decided to eat one of our enormous eggs (it weighed 90g!!!!) and it happened to be a double yolker!No D could pass by without a photo of the dogs, Minnie looking very grumpy and in need of a haircutMax just looking dozy!

And finally the weather has been really dry and windy so I was able to do some drying on the line!

Saturday 24 April 2010

Scrapbooking and another CJ entry

I have been having a few problems with my Blog....hence the absence. I still don't know if it is sorted but whenever I try to close it, it keeps re-opening millions of times and the only way to get rid of it is by re-starting the PC. So if anyone else is experiencing this whilst visiting, I am sorry! Also if you know how to fix it I would LOVE to know!
Easter was very busy but I have done some more scrapbooking. Guess what? A Guiding event again! This time a training weekend at the fantastic Foxlease which is crammed full of historical Guiding bits and pieces and fascinating to wander round.
The CJ continues...This should have been posted on the 15th but I have just un-earthed it from a pile and I thought I had sent it already! This CJ's owner says that she would like a "techniques" CJ as she is new to stamping. Well her lovely stamp of a gate just shouted jewellery to me so I used shrink plastic and beads to make a "Gate bracelet" Terrible pun I know! Mind you, do people call them gate bracelets any more? I don't know...
Rather a rubbish pic but the BG is distress inks on old book pages and then some paper I marbled. I hope she likes it as I really enjoyed this one, even though I seem to have lost my craft mojo at the moment. All I seem to be doing is baking and taking photos....
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Wednesday 7 April 2010

Another page...

A nice change for me. Not Guides or girls but for once I get the chance to do a boy page! I really enjoy these as they tend to be few and far between with 3 daughters! Even whole family events tend to end up pink-ish! This is Jasper doing a Mountain Bike Challenge with the Scouts.
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Monday 5 April 2010

Happy Easter!

First of all I'd like to say Happy Easter to everyone! I know I am a day late but it has been a busy weekend! These are some of the eggs the children found!

As promised a pic of the pineapple hibiscus cakes!!! The cupcakes were pineapple and carrot and on the top, the dried slices of pineapple were meant to look like hibiscus flowers....Well mine didn't dry and they didn't look like flowers, but they tasted fine!
And these were the caramel mud cakes...really easy and looking so much more like the pic in the book!

Now I really suppose I ought to start adding some more of my non-edible creations.....
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Saturday 3 April 2010

C fortnight.

This was a really easy one with tons of stuff to do beginning with C. First of all we drove to Glynde to see a very friendly camel that Ken often drives past and he always comes right over to say hello!

Then Jess had to work at Costa Coffee

so we met her there and had a Costa lunch (which cost a lot too!)

Eliza baked some cupcakes that were called Cloud Cakes.

Posted by PicasaThen there was this amazing black cloud that swept across before a huge downpour.

Eliza made a Cheshire cat from socks...

and we collected Jasper from Scout Camp

and we had some chenet for refreshment along with some...

Thai salmon curry.Later that evening we had some cheesey footballs and some cheese and chilli pringles!

So the end of our very busy C fortnight. Now we are all caught up and I wonder what D will bring over the next 2 weeks?

Friday 2 April 2010

...a few more pages!

A couple more LOs of 2009. For this one I used some inspiration from the latest Shimelle class which is all about using up your stash. The punched circles with lots of eyelets is one of the ideas and I thought they worked well with the armour...
This LO is from my new sketches book (that I snuck in on an amazon order when no-one was looking!) by Becky Fleck. Not really great photos but have to be included as it is a birthday for Jasper and Eliza!

Well today I am shattered! So much for holiday....yesterday I did my Tesco shop, dropped off some soap, sorted out an egg-pecking issue I have with the hens and got a few bits from Crowborough. Today I have baked and iced 2 batches of cup-cakes and made a Simnel cake! Tomorrow is Jess' 17th birthday and she wanted cupcakes, so I made pineapple hibiscus cupckaes and caramel mud tomorrow! And then on Sunday not only is it Easter Sunday but it is Ken's birthday too! So he said he would have a Simnel Cake for his birthday cake, bless him! So tonight before I go to bed I have pressies to wrap and a card to make!! Gonna be a late one I think!
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Thursday 1 April 2010

A goodie and a baddie...

You know how sometime things go well, and then other times they don't, but you just don't know why? Well I have had a bit of one of those moments with these last 2 DLOs. The top one I DO like. I love the paper, I like the shapes and the brads and how it all gels together. The event is another Guiding one. We went sailing on the lakes at Piddinghoe and I was just there as an extra pair of eyes....except 2 girls decided they wanted to be enrolled......ON the boat IN the middle of the lake! So muggins had to get on the very wobbly boat and sail into the middle where I had to remember the words AND try to pin their badges on without falling in or dropping the badges! The RH page is of Eliza...who doesn't like boats! We could barely get her out of this one!
Well this LO I don't like. Again I love the paper and I wanted lots of it to show but I don't think it is working somehow...not sure why 'cos I spent ages on it, but I guess you win some you lose some! I can't think what else to do with it so it will just have to stay as one of those bad ones! It shows Katy and me when we took part in the Mayfield Bonfire Procession. A very spectacular event but not as scary as the big Lewes one.
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