Saturday, 3 April 2010

C fortnight.

This was a really easy one with tons of stuff to do beginning with C. First of all we drove to Glynde to see a very friendly camel that Ken often drives past and he always comes right over to say hello!

Then Jess had to work at Costa Coffee

so we met her there and had a Costa lunch (which cost a lot too!)

Eliza baked some cupcakes that were called Cloud Cakes.

Posted by PicasaThen there was this amazing black cloud that swept across before a huge downpour.

Eliza made a Cheshire cat from socks...

and we collected Jasper from Scout Camp

and we had some chenet for refreshment along with some...

Thai salmon curry.Later that evening we had some cheesey footballs and some cheese and chilli pringles!

So the end of our very busy C fortnight. Now we are all caught up and I wonder what D will bring over the next 2 weeks?

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Linda said...

loving your alphabet game Tash!! mmm the edible things look yummy!!