Thursday, 1 April 2010

A goodie and a baddie...

You know how sometime things go well, and then other times they don't, but you just don't know why? Well I have had a bit of one of those moments with these last 2 DLOs. The top one I DO like. I love the paper, I like the shapes and the brads and how it all gels together. The event is another Guiding one. We went sailing on the lakes at Piddinghoe and I was just there as an extra pair of eyes....except 2 girls decided they wanted to be enrolled......ON the boat IN the middle of the lake! So muggins had to get on the very wobbly boat and sail into the middle where I had to remember the words AND try to pin their badges on without falling in or dropping the badges! The RH page is of Eliza...who doesn't like boats! We could barely get her out of this one!
Well this LO I don't like. Again I love the paper and I wanted lots of it to show but I don't think it is working somehow...not sure why 'cos I spent ages on it, but I guess you win some you lose some! I can't think what else to do with it so it will just have to stay as one of those bad ones! It shows Katy and me when we took part in the Mayfield Bonfire Procession. A very spectacular event but not as scary as the big Lewes one.
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