Wednesday 29 December 2010

December ATCs

Here are what I have been up to over the holidays. As predicted I am waaaaaay behind with my Journal but I am catching up slowly and will post pics of that soon. Meanwhile the UKStampers December ATC swap was to use 3 things the same on each ATC.
I am all Christmassed out so whilst having a rummage I found these stamps that I actually got last Christmas as a present and have barely used, even though I LOVE them.
So three home-baking inspired ATCs raised slightly on silicone glue and just a touch of sparkle added too. Hope they will be well received.
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Sunday 5 December 2010

JYC Days 4 and 5

I knew it wouldn't be long before I got behind! But I do have an excuse...last night I started knitting so I was absorbed in that. So this morning I had to catch up quickly. The prompt for yesterday was about "The Perfect Christmas". A tricky one for me because I don't ever build things up into a big ol' doo-dah. Christmas happens and we always enjoy it even if things aren't quite as planned. I saw this quote already used by another JYCer and it just said it I pinched it. I hand stamped white card for the B/G just for a change.
Hmmm not so pleased with this one. It was about counting down to Christmas. Previously I have talked about our advent calendars so this year I focused more on the numbers aspect. Not terribly happy but I shall just go with it and move on!
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Friday 3 December 2010

JYC Day 3

Today's prompt is about cards; do you make them, how many, when do you send them and so on! My journalling is on a tag in the envie. The photo is of the cards I have made so far this year. I have to make about 50 I reckon and I have done 25 so far. I think now I shall change to a simpler design for the last half. I do get bored so I tend to do a variety of designs!
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Some more sewing.

Uh oh.....more pears! The one on the right I actually did a few days ago and I also started the other one too! BUT I ran out of red thread so I nipped down to Mums to borrow hers to finish it off today! These are rather more glamorous than the tartan one, being made of satin (on the right) and velvet with a super shiny, stretchy dance type fabric (on the left) Honest IRL it is very shiny! I think these are destined for Christmas.....maybe gifts?
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Thursday 2 December 2010

JYC Day 2

Day 2 was about the weather; what it's like for Christmas or what we might like it to be like! I think I can safely say that THIS is proper Christmassy weather! After waiting for ages we have good snow....a foot of it. These pics I took this morning whilst walking the dogs. I covered the main pic with some embossed acetate that I inked over bits of and added some sparkle! Another idea for today was paper snowflakes. I am trying to keep my album a bit plainer this year but I did slip one in behind the page number!
This just shows the embossing detail a bit better.
I am managing to keep up whilst we are having these "snow days"! So it's looking good til Monday then...very little chance of school opening tomorrow.
Keep safe everybody.
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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Journal Your Christmas Day 1

Yes it's this time of year again. I will be trying to complete this journal once more. I had an unexpected snow day today so I was able to start. I managed to cover the front and do page 1 which was the dedication....what you want to achieve etc.
Here is the first of the tiny page numbers I made. They took aaaaages but I think they look quite cute so worth the time spent. Lets just hope I don't lose any now!
So far I am up to date.....!
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