Sunday 22 November 2009

On the4th Day of Christmas...

...Four Calling Birds! This template was from a pattern Sid sent me to make a 3D bird, (I think HE got it from Gail!!) but I thought it would look fine in 2D. I cut them out and then used a stamp and black Stazon to stamp on the plain green and red cotton.
The rest is pretty much as before; machine stitched legs and feet, felt beaks and hand stitched notes, adding matt black beads.
So my next challenge is 5 Gold Rings.....I think I have the seed of an idea but this will be a tricky one. I am also starting to think about Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas which starts on Dec 1st....
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Friday 20 November 2009

My Blog Award....finally!

And this is it from Burnice.

So now five unknown or little known facts about me then...

1. I have an O-Level in Latin

2. My middle name is Margaret (OMG I have NEVER admitted THAT!!!)

3. I have been in two armed bank robberies; one as a witness and one as a hostage

4. When I was a child I was on TV on Jim'll Fix it.......(but only as a person sitting on the bean bags on the side of the stage)

5. I own a Blue Peter Badge!

Wednesday 18 November 2009

My New CJ!

Yeay!! I am off on a new CJ journey! I love love LOVE CJs, especially the ones I have done on UKStampers where we send a stamp round with it. So here is mine....a PaperArtsy squiggly heart stamp is what I have chosen to send!
I made little envies (from an old copy of Hans Christian Anderson Fairy Tales) and added a tag in each. For my entry I found some anatomical heart drawings on the net and printed them off to add to the envie and tag. The quote says "Be still my beating heart" but I couldn't find out where that came from!
I stamped the heart on a burnt coke can (heated in the flame on the gas cooker....makes it go a groovy colour) then went over the squiggles with an embossing tool to indent them slightly.

This is the whole book...unbound for now as I will do it with the BIA when it comes home!
So off it goes on it's journey and I will see it in 12 months! Can't wait!

Now I have been lucky enough to receive a blog award from my pal Burnice...

...but I can't work out how to get it up so please just bear with me and I will show it to you in a day or so when I work it out!!!

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Saturday 14 November 2009

On the 3rd Day of Christmas....

These are my Three French Hens! Or maybe they are just one three-headed hen! I am not quite sure! Still I assure you they are meant to be loosely based on a French breed called a Copper Maran (at least I think it is!).
Not very good photoes I am afraid but I was determined to blog as I haven't for so long! I just don't seem too have had two minutes to create ANYTHING, let alone blog it! Anyway back to my hens; They are made from scraps of black velvet (the sleeves off a ball gown from the charity shop), orange slub silk and red poly cotton with felt feet and corn! I added a sequin for the eye and stitched the beak.
Now I need to do 4 Calling Birds.....
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