Sunday 29 September 2013

Photo A Day

23rd September; outside learning and look at this really hairy caterpillar that the children found!!

24th September; after work yesterday Katy and I drove all the way up to stay with my Aunt in Lincolnshire. That was so that we could go to a Uni open day at York. We had to go over the Humber Bridge....not quite like the Golden Gate!

25th September; been crocheting. still trying to finish off this one I started in America for Jasper.

26th September; I am wearing boots now. Typically the weather this week has been rather warm!

27th September; we had an INSET day and we had a lovely buffet lunch provided for this one! It was delicious....especially the quiches. I ate lots!

28th September; last night I had to collect my car and on the way I noticed some apples growing by the road. So today we scrumped them! I think that the red ones are actually crab apples but the green ones are normal apples that have never been pruned so they are rather tiny and sour.

29th September; as well as making tons of jelly yesterday, I started a sourdough starter. I just bought the Paul Hollywood bread book and he tells you how to do it. Yesterday it was a bit dull but today it is beginning to ferment! The lumps are apple and no..... it isn't sick, despite looking like it!
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Sunday 22 September 2013

Photo a Day

September 16th; our first Muddy Monday with the new class and we were looking for signs of Autumn. I took lots of pics but this one was rather a fluke....the berries look a bit like jewels!

September 17th; found this.....just before the dog ate it!

September 18th; a bit cooler today; I wore boots today for the first time! SO I was really glad that I had decided to do pigeon and pork casserole for tea. Just look how lean that pigeon breast is...mmmmm.

September 19th; when we got home from school this was lying on next door's made us laugh because it looked like a dismembered hand!

September 20th; this made me laugh too! My phone obviously does not have a high opinion of Uckfield!

September 21st; took Jess's stuff down to Bournemouth for her. She went yesterday but she had so much stuff I had to take ALL the seats out of the car. This is it all empty....needs a hoover!

September 22nd; Jasper and Eliza's babies are 15!
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Tuesday 17 September 2013

Photo a Day catch up!

8th September; We have this bay tree growing outside our kitchen and every year Ken hacks it back and every year it grows madly until my kitchen is really dingy! So today he hacked it back again and completely filled the composting dustbin; it was so huge he had to use the hedge trimmers!

9th September; Hmmm remember this fabric map that we made at the local village fun day? Well I am still sewing the houses on! Jess helped me tonight and we managed 23. Still lots to go...

10th September; I decided what I wanted to buy with a bit of my birthday money. This book was advertised in a magazine I read in America and I loved the quilt it is all about. I am very tempted to hand-make each and every one of the 225 squares and triangles and challenge Burn and Linda to join me! Well girls?

11th September; We got the call today. Say no more!

12th September; I am still doing the 5:2 diet where you fast for 2 out of the 7 days of the week and only eat 500cal on those days. It is going well; I have lost about 1 1/2 stone so far and this was my very low calorie pizza that I had for tea today.

13th September; OFSTED is over. 'Nuff said!

14th September; a trip to Bath for another Uni day and we had a very long-winded route that included 5 trains and 3 tube trains! I was very excited to visit Baker Street tube where I took this shot. It was really easy to imagine well-dressed gentlemen strolling about in top hats with ladies wearing gowns!

15th September; and finally my sweet peas are flowering! Better late than never but they do smell divine!
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Sunday 15 September 2013

Photo A Day

Bit of catching up to do....

Spetember 1st; a Sunday so online shopping day today. This time I had a America we bought some flavoured coffee so we are saving it for weekends only!

September 2nd; a crafty Monday at Burns cabin and Linda had made ne a birthday cake! We had candles AND they sang too! Then I had presents and I gave them presents from America!

September 3rd; my ACTUAL birthday and the first day back to work. Luckily an INSET day without children but even so.... When I got home the children had baked me a birthday cake....with candles and THEY sang too!

September 4th; great excitement; finally our new hot tub lid arrived!

September 6th; because we didn't get to have a proper last day of term (due to the school being closed because there was a burst water pipe) the children didn't get to give me or their class teacher the gifts that they had made. So today I went to Year 3 to make the gift exchange. They had made this beautiful card, with felt flowers on the front and each child had drawn a flower in a pot and witten a memory of something I had helped them with. I have to confess I shed a tear or two at some of them! 

September 7th; I nipped into the Tesco Express to buy a bottle of wine and as I walked past the coke stand I saw this!!! Katy always moans that nowhere EVER has HER name spelt properly so I just HAD to get it for her!

September 8th; a friend told me that in the field where her horses live there were some great blackberries. I did go there a few years back to collect blackberries so today I went with Katy and we picked 2.5kg! They went straight into the freezer, after we tasted a few! They were the sweetest I have ever tasted; I think because it has just been so hot and sunny this year.
So a quick catch up of the first week of September. I will try to get up to date will see why I have got behind then!
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Monday 9 September 2013

Photo a Day

30th August; Veggies still going well...more courgettes on the way!

31st August; school shoe shopping day.Two pairs for Jasper and one for Eliza...lots of money!
I will start September photos soon.
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