Sunday, 15 September 2013

Photo A Day

Bit of catching up to do....

Spetember 1st; a Sunday so online shopping day today. This time I had a America we bought some flavoured coffee so we are saving it for weekends only!

September 2nd; a crafty Monday at Burns cabin and Linda had made ne a birthday cake! We had candles AND they sang too! Then I had presents and I gave them presents from America!

September 3rd; my ACTUAL birthday and the first day back to work. Luckily an INSET day without children but even so.... When I got home the children had baked me a birthday cake....with candles and THEY sang too!

September 4th; great excitement; finally our new hot tub lid arrived!

September 6th; because we didn't get to have a proper last day of term (due to the school being closed because there was a burst water pipe) the children didn't get to give me or their class teacher the gifts that they had made. So today I went to Year 3 to make the gift exchange. They had made this beautiful card, with felt flowers on the front and each child had drawn a flower in a pot and witten a memory of something I had helped them with. I have to confess I shed a tear or two at some of them! 

September 7th; I nipped into the Tesco Express to buy a bottle of wine and as I walked past the coke stand I saw this!!! Katy always moans that nowhere EVER has HER name spelt properly so I just HAD to get it for her!

September 8th; a friend told me that in the field where her horses live there were some great blackberries. I did go there a few years back to collect blackberries so today I went with Katy and we picked 2.5kg! They went straight into the freezer, after we tasted a few! They were the sweetest I have ever tasted; I think because it has just been so hot and sunny this year.
So a quick catch up of the first week of September. I will try to get up to date will see why I have got behind then!
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Burnice said...

Was that voices singing or the candles? Love that mug!