Sunday 29 June 2008

Today I gave myself the day off after yet another totally manic Saturday. I have been wanting to make one of these star books for ages.In fact I was planning to put the wedding photoes (Guide Leader's wedding 2 weeks ago) in one. But before I commited myself to that one I thought I'd have a practice on one for my friend. My two youngest were in a school production of Robin Hood last week and my friend's son was Robin. Guess what tho? She forgot to take her camera so I took loads of pics for her. So this is the result...a star for her star son! I did discover a few things on the way. Firstly it's a lot smaller than I thought so I would have to cut all the pics down tiny to go in, and secondly it was soooooo incredibly easy but looks quite tricky to the novice! Perfect for a pressie then! But not so perfect for the Wedding Album. So I think I will be resorting to the BIA for that one!

Sunday 22 June 2008

Yes it's been aaaaages since I updated hasn't it? Life I'm afraid; lots of it, some good some bad but all too much! So I haven't crafted for about 2 weeks apart from a rush job birthday card or two. So after a particularly stressful week I decided to dedicate Saturday evening and today to finishing my little houses for Flos swap. So here is a taster, a close up of two and then all en masse. I decided to do my houses as a whole street and it's occupants. They are not numbered in sequence as I had this vision of it being a street after the war in a suburb where some houses had been bombed out. Mmmm that sounds a bit morbid now but as lots of my images were 40s/50s I thought it fitted rather well. They are quite simple, distress inks and a bit of background stamping, but I had great fun thinking up personalities for the residents. I am now off to ask people how to turn my pics around!

Sunday 8 June 2008

Ok well as you can see I have been scrapping again! Now maybe someone will kindly tell me WHY one of my pictures is sideways and more importantly how do I turn it round?
Well as I had done a DLO of DD1 I thought I'd better do DD2! She is a member of her school Batucada Band and they were invited to perform in the Brighton Festival Children's Parade. She had an amazing time but they marched just over 2 miles, playing all the way so her arms and legs were rather achey by the time they were done! The atmosphere was sensational and everywhere people were dancing in the street as they went by!
So I am not sure when I will next get to craft. Tomorrow I have a course and a District Meeting in the evening (Guides etc!). Tuesday is Guides so I guess it may be Wednesday if I am lucky! I HAVE parcelled up 2 CJs and my ATCs ready for OH to post tomorrow for me so that may be my lot for a while. Mind you, our Guider gets married on Saturday and she has asked me to take my camera so if I manage to get any decent shots I fancy having a go at one of those star shaped books for her........ Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather!!

Wednesday 4 June 2008

Well, not been able to post for a day or two as I was back to work! And then Monday night is Brownies and cello, Tuesday night is Guides etc etc!

This LO I did on Sunday but didn't manage to do the title or the flower embellies. So I found a spare hour this evening and finished it off. I am a novice scrap booker and this is my very first DLO for ME! I am doing a heritage album for my Mum and have done 3 or 4 in that but that's it!

Now I have to get on with my little houses for Sarah's swap (closed now but here's the link if you want to see them when they are done.

Thanks for looking!

Sunday 1 June 2008

I am a bit behind myself now! After I posted yesterday I managed to make 3 ATCs for the monthly swap on UKStampers. The theme is black and white. Now sometimes I can spend hours trying to come up with one ATC but these three came together in a couple of hours! I actually began my papercrafting with ATCs 2 years ago and for about a year they were ALL I made. Now I only do them for the monthly swap as I have discovered my latest fad....scrapbooking!

Today I went to ESK in Eastbourne 'cos I had seen an advert for a Craft Day. Well it's NEXT weekend!! Still I did buy some paper and ribbon to scrap Jess's ballet pics and have spent a relaxing evening doing that. I'll show tomorrow!! However my best bargain was an A2 cutting mat for £3.99! I have seen them for £15 in Lakeland so I was really chuffed with that!

I have tried to add links to some of the blogs that I enjoy reading......but they don't work! I need to have a little chat with my friend Linda so I can get them on for you! Mmmm I need to work out these pics better too....not sure why my leopard is sideways????