Tuesday 12 August 2008

At long last I have finally managed to load the pics of my LO for "Scrap Your Day"! I actually did the LO on about 26th July ....but I was obviously too tired to do it right, cos I stuck it all down on the NEXT page! What an idiot! So being a typical Virgo, ie; a perfectionist, I had to peel ALL the pics off and re-do it. By then I was soooo fed up that I couldn't be bothered to add the few embellies and the date. SO I put it aside until I felt less like chucking it across the room! Now I am quite pleased with it! I love the B&W photoes, especially the one of Minnie (the dog) as she was lying under my chair and Treacle (the cat) eating her brekkie! Next 25th I shall be on my holidays....in Corfu!!! We go on Friday and I am getting so excited as it will be our first holiday abroad.
Tonight I have made my son a holiday book to fill and with the leftover bits from his, I made one for myself too! Well it would be rude not to really wouldn't it? Ohhhh I do LURVE my BIA! Best thing I ever bought!
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Monday 11 August 2008

This is my little bit of "Summer Sun". I made this for the UK Art Raffle . I had great fun doing this. It was a piece of mountboard covered with gesso that I kept swirling a cocktail stick through. Then I sponged it with acrylic paint in a mixture of blue, white and silver before embossing the edges silver and then random bits of blue and pearly embossing over the central bit. My hot air gun melted at this point so I had to revert to the trusty old grill once more! Then sun was an old stencil that I did twice and again sponged with acrylic paints. Only this time red, yellow, bronze and gold and also on the brad. I knew exactly how I wanted the words to go but I just didn't know how to do it. So after a cry for help on UK Scrappers someone led me to a site that will do them in spirals, waves and hearts. So there you have it, all assembled with a few sponge pads and silver wire and eyelets! I hope whoever is the lucky winner enjoys it!
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Saturday 9 August 2008

Finally I shall try to catch up with my blogging! This is a CJ entry for a UK Scrappers Newbie CJ. This book is entitled "Back in the Day". I found it really hard to think of a figure that I really admired...however I always used to have a huge teenage "thang" for James Dean so I decided to do him! I have to say that I found some fab information about him...some good and some not so good. However....I have to say he is still rather lush.....
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Friday 8 August 2008

I have been rather naughty and not blogged for a while. No excuse really...I AM
on holiday so I should have had more time. But I have spent it making things!

This diamond fold card was a challenge from a friend.....I loved it sooooo much I made three! I think my favourite one is the lavendar....the strawberry should really have been painted with H2Os but I don't have a red. Still my sister seemed to like it!
I now need to photograph my "Scrap Your Day" as the last pics I took were rubbish!
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