Sunday 29 June 2014

Its been a while!

Look just how long it has been since I blogged! Life has been super busy, what with SATS at school and my children doing exams and concerts etc etc. But I have been busy and creating. Way back in February a lady at work announced that she was having a baby. I was keen to knit for her and she said what she would really like is a large, white shawl. I remember my Aunt knitting me a beautiful lace one for my first child and then when I announced I was expecting twins, she knitted me a second one! They are much used and treasured and the most useful of items so I asked her for the pattern and decided this was THE ONE! Well many a time I wondered just what was I doing, attempting such a pattern! It was lacy and huge and in 4 ply but I soldiered on and finally, finally I have finished it! Just as well because there was a surprise lunch for her today and it is the last day to see her!
This is the pattern of the centre....about 5ft square.
And the lace edging; miles and miles and miles of it!
A rather nicely eased corner (if I may say so)
And the final thing; that's on my king size bed for scale! I can't deny that I am relieved it's finished. There are several mistakes that I just couldn't rectify but hey, it's handmade. She was delighted with I just hope she will use it or my labours will have been in vain!