Tuesday 29 November 2011

Art Journal Weeks 44 and 45

The challenge continues with Week 44..."Inspiration- What inspires you?Are there certain times or places that you are more inspired? Include some inspirational words/pictures" I have to say that if I ever need inspiration I turn to the internet and sites like Blogger, Pinterest or good old Google. I also look in books a lot. I particularly like Pinterest because I can put all those things I find whilst I am surfing, in one place to find again later! Week 45 was about Patience "Are you patient, what in particular drives you potty? Use contrasting colours eg calm/angry". I think, for a redhead, I have a long fuse. I am a slow burn kinda gal! Things will mount up and mount up until POW! I blow! But once it is out of my system I am fine, calmness restored. And what makes me really see red are my children bickering, in fact ANY bickering; answering back, and that can be at home or at school; arrogance, a most unattractive quality and one that makes me see red instantly, so much so that I would not bother to continue a conversation with somebody who was arrogant! Lastly is meaness, I don't have a lot but what I have I share whether it be time or money etc and I don't like to see others keeping to themselves. Fortunately I am blessed with generous friends and family!

Monday 28 November 2011


Bit more SMASH. THis page is from when we took the Guides to the Big Gig at Wembley Stadium. Again I think I have blogged about this before but this is the bits and pieces from the day. It was an amazing concert, all girls in the audience so extremely loud, especially when The Wanted performed!
Now I think this page is more how I picture SMASH pages. A collection of images, colours and bits that I intend to use for our Christmas this year. It began with the candy cane ribbon and then I found the other pictures about and added them as a memory jogger for when I actually "do" christmas this year.

Sunday 27 November 2011


So have you succumbed yet? I think I told you that I was lucky enough to be given a SMASH Book for my birthday. I wasn't sure if it was something I was going to share or keep private, but my Blog has been so abandoned of late that I thought I better scrabble about for something to show you!

This first page is bits and pieces from when we took Jess off to Uni, way back in September. You have seen the photo of the housemates already because I used it in my LSNED Journal. Thanks to Linda I think I am developing a thing for beach huts...Here we have bits from a trip to the show at Ally Pally. I went with friends who all craft together and we decided to make a list of things to try inspired by what we saw demonstrated there. And what is more I can proudly say we have done the marbling and the melt pot so far!

I am not quite sure if I have quite pitched this SMASH stuff quite right yet....but I am enjoying practicing!