Tuesday 23 June 2009

Prom Night!

Ok so not really a "creation" but I was so proud to see my little girl looking so elegant that I thought I would just share a pic or two of her all dressed up to go to her Year 11 Prom. I was the mean Mum who was not buying into the whole £400 lay out for it so I am proud to say that I spent £35 in all and look how lovely she looks! I know, I am biased! Her dress is a 1950's original that I had in the loft; as a teenager I collected them from charity shops and have worn many myself. The £35 was what I paid to have it altered! The necklace was my Grandmother's and the other jewellery was cheapy from Claires. She wore red pumps that she has already for a wedding in July and did her own make-up. I did her hair and nails and voila....Prom on a budget!
She said she felt really special and she certainly looked very individual.
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Sunday 21 June 2009

This CJ has been sitting on my desk for about 3 weeks now. I found the stamp tricky and to compound it blue is a colour I just never use! So I began to think of all the blue things I could. Several had already been used but rattling around my brain was this phrase "Blue Meanies". Now I didn't know where it came from so I looked on the internet and found that it was from the Beatles film "The Yellow Submarine" So this is my take on the Blue Meanies!

And this is my next Tag for UK Stampers...P for Party. I was rather hoping for P for Pants but Party it was! There have been some lovely additions so I thought I would go for a political slant as I saw these rather yummy accordian flowers whilst I was blog hopping and fancied a try! Well, let me tell you they are REALLY tricky to make as the middle keeps popping up and won't stay flat! I tried Pritt then PVA finally resorting to double-sided tape and a good whack and they actually only stayed flat once I taped them to the tag with about half a yard of tape each! So if anyone has a fail-safe technique for how to get these to work without the violence please leave me a note!!!
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Sunday 14 June 2009

The next few pages......sorry rather dark photoes and a filthy cloth too! However thes I am happier with as they are really DLOs and I am soooo much happier working in DLOs cos then they "match". Must be the Virgo in me!!

Now this is my "D for diamonds" tag. Origianlly I was going to do the shape but lots of people had so I wandered about trying to think of something different. Well this song popped into my head and once I googled the lyrics the collage idea just shouted out at me! My children are generally my fiercest critics and they ALL pronounced it "cool" so at least I am pleasing someone! I had great fun making it so even if it isn't the most artistic creation I think it can hold it's own with the rest of the tags!
These tags are making me realise that I seem to be a bit of a collage freak.......!
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Friday 12 June 2009

Sorry for the few days absence! Been another busy week and last weekend, well where did THAT go?! So I am on catch-up with my tags again....this is "W for Wings". I actually did the BG during the week but then had a glass or two of wine and couldn't see straight enough to assemble it all! But now she is done in all her glory!

And this is the next page of Sarah's book, showing her first Christmas. I spent Sunday at a class at The Glitterpot and did quite a lot more pages so it is definately all beginning to come together now!
Right off to do my next tag.....
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Tuesday 2 June 2009

Here are the next 2 pages. The first one shows my sister at about 6 months
When she was first born she was teeny; 6lb something, but she soon began to flourish as this pic shows!
For this page I stamped a selection of flowers from my fave Fancy Pants set onto the BG and then decoupaged a few of them to give it some dimension.

These next 2 were taken at our allotment. We used to go there most weekends and Sarah couldn't wait to be mobile and clamber everywhere!
I made the photo corners from a sissix die...unfortunately I think I should have trimmed the pop dots a bit smaller!!
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Monday 1 June 2009

So I have started! In the end I just jumped right in and chose three main colours (with the help of the fabulous Gilly at The Glitterpot!) that complemented the muted photoes. I chose two Penny Lane double sided papers that "went" too and have gone with simple and understated! And here are the first two LOs. I usually scrap in DLOs that match, so to do a front and a back of a page the same but the facing page different, is quite scary for me! The pages are 10x10 and I plan to make a mountboard cover and bind it all with the BIA. Now I am underway it is flowing more...I am never very good at visualising my projects and they seem to evolve along their own routes! But so far so good!
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