Sunday, 14 June 2009

The next few pages......sorry rather dark photoes and a filthy cloth too! However thes I am happier with as they are really DLOs and I am soooo much happier working in DLOs cos then they "match". Must be the Virgo in me!!

Now this is my "D for diamonds" tag. Origianlly I was going to do the shape but lots of people had so I wandered about trying to think of something different. Well this song popped into my head and once I googled the lyrics the collage idea just shouted out at me! My children are generally my fiercest critics and they ALL pronounced it "cool" so at least I am pleasing someone! I had great fun making it so even if it isn't the most artistic creation I think it can hold it's own with the rest of the tags!
These tags are making me realise that I seem to be a bit of a collage freak.......!
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