Saturday 30 May 2009

Just another tag today which I decided to do in an Andy Warhol style. I used a pic of Marilyn from the net which I stampified (is that a word?) on the pc! Then I remembered it is for a stamping challenge so added the rather luscious swirly BG! Not sure the I really stands out enough on this.....

In the afternoon I started what I think is going to be the most difficult thing I have ever made craftwise. I am making a book of photoes of my sister growing up, to give to her birth mother. Mum met her and she has said she would love to have some pics so this is how the story began. I am already being fraught with I add pics of Mum? How many photoes should I use? Do I do it fancy or plain? And that is even without the practical considerations of size, colour and style. And then there are all the photoes which are scanned from dodgy, faded 1970s ones that have been kept in the loft so are grainy and muted in colour!
Despite my moaning I think it will turn out to be a lovely experience (I hope) if an emotional one and it has already begun many converstions in our house about my own birth mother. I think the best thing is that Mum is helping me to do this for my sister and she is amazing about it all. I will need to make her something special next I think.....
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Thursday 28 May 2009

Well I managed a bit of crafting last night. I am still trying to keep up with the UK Stampers weekly challenge tags. I was a bit late with last weeks N for Numbers as I was away, so I did this one rather quickly. However despite doing it in a rush I am quite pleased with it's simplicity. I chose the green acrylic paint background as a reminder of those faded old chairs in the 40s that were always green and I wanted the topper to look like a retro Bingo card. Not that I have a clue what a Bingo card looks like as I have never ever played!
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Wednesday 27 May 2009

About 2 weeks ago there was a challenge set on one of the forums I visit to create something using recycling. It was also meant to include the colour red but I didn't read THAT bit! I came up with this holder for my make-up brushes, made from a tomato tin! First I covered it with vintage make-up adverts and inked them a bit. The stamped panel is a Tanda stamp and the ribbon round the top came from a gift from a friend. The tiny brush is a broken one of mine that I hadn't got round to chucking and the flowers are stamped on some old legal pages that a friend sent me to use! So a lot of recycled bits and I really enjoyed making this one!
Now I thought a bit of scrapbooking. I have been going to classes at The Glitterpot once a month but sadly have had to stop going now. This is a page that I needed to finish the lettering on so I inked them in several colours and stuck 'em down! Quite a plain page I know but I'm cool with that.......!
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Tuesday 26 May 2009

Just a few more shots of the weekend! This is us grass sledging.....

Eliza reaching the top of the climbing wall...

Jess and Eliza sharing a "moment" in the kitchen!
Now I seriously must get some creating done as I have to scrap this holiday!
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Monday 25 May 2009

Well this weekend I have been away so no crafty pics! I spent the weekend with 30 Brownies at a lodge at Blacklands Farm near East Grinstead. A group of 5 adults take them each year to various places and it has become a getaway for us too as we just have a blast. Three of us have our daughters there as "The Teen Team" and over the years it has been wonderful to see them blossom. We had a new recruit to the team this year and it was just great to have a new face about the place making it an even more fab weekend!
Me watching the abseiling.

Jess on the abseil tower.

Eliza (on right) and a friend doing the crate challenge.

Me (on the right) and one of the "Teenies" on the crate challenge!
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Sunday 17 May 2009

Ok so now I am back in CJ mode. In October I joined another CJ on UK Stampers, again one where we send the stamp round with the CJ, but this time also with a colour theme. We are now nearing the end and this one has the colour black and the above stamp. Well as usual there are some great entries in it already so I decided to use just part of the stamp to create my page! Originally I wasn't going to trim the ferns but they just didn't show up so off I went with my trusty tiny scissors and spent almost the whole evening just doing them! Still I am pleased with it now so I guess it was worth it in the end!
Thank you for popping by and please feel free to leave comments!
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Saturday 16 May 2009

So here are two more tags for UK Stampers Weekly Challenge. Last week it was H for House and this week the theme was B for Bird. There were lots of folky birds so I decided to use this stamp that I bought off a friend and haven't used yet. The background is pastels and he is painted with H2Os. Kept it plain after all my collage ones!
Well new challenge out tonight and I am working on CJ entry so hopefully I wil be able to show you that tomorrow!
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Friday 15 May 2009

Mmmm yes well I have been absent for rather a long time. No real excuses except life. You know how it is what with Christmas and new year and now here we are nearly at the end of another school year already!

So what have I been up to? Well more scrapbooking and CJs. Not done many ATCs or Inchies but recently I have been working on the UK Stampers Weekly Challenge. Each week we get a letter to do. Now this is one challenge I HAVE been able to keep up with so here are my first few....A for Alphabet, R for Rust, K for King and J for Jewels!

Now I am going to try and add little posts each day and show just a little of whatelse I have been up to!
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