Saturday 25 June 2011


Saw these on the Purl bee website yesterday and I just knew I HAD to have some! Today was my scrapbooking day at Gilly's and I didn't feel much like scrapbooking so I took along some knitting to do. Well I did a fair bit but Charlotte was there today making russian dolls with felt....

so I borrowed some and made an orange and a pink grapefruit! They are great fun to make, took about an hour each and I think they look really effective!

So when I got home, after tea, I made the lemon. Now all I want to make is a lime but I can't find any lime green felt just now.....

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Thursday 23 June 2011

Altered CD

I just took part in an altered CD swap over at UKStampers. No theme, just alter it! I have done one many moons ago where I die cut lots of flowers and made them into a kind of floral "pomander" so I thought I might go again with a similiar style. As it is meant to have stamping on I decided to stamp and then hand cut all my flowers this time. I started by colouring plain white card with a variety of glimmers, H2Os and distress inks. Then I stamped various flowers and added those candy dots for centres. I die cut some ferns, curls and leaves and then put it all together!

It is very sparkly and glimmery in real life but it doesn't really show here! I hope Sid liked it!

Now it does rather look as if I haven't been doing much recently, but I have just started a CJ with my group of friend that I craft with once a month. I can't put pics on here though as the girls do visit from time to time (so they tell me!) and I want to keep their entries secret until they get them back! I have done my book and also my first entry in someone else's book...

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Friday 17 June 2011

Journal Week 24

Oh yes in time for once! This week was "pets, do you have any, what about your past pets and include some animal print". Hmmm think I might have missed a bit of that out as I can't see any animal print! Whoops! We have always had pets and in fact Mum and Dad bought us our first wallpaper which had animals all over it! It was called "Spot and Friends" and I really wanted to reproduce it as I remembered it using all the pets we have had over the years. I didn't search for the paper on the net til I had done it so it's not quite right but hey....we had the paper in 1973-77! And I just realised that my hen looks like she has a deformed bit hanging down!
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Friday 10 June 2011

Art Journal Week...whatever comes next!

So to another week and the prompt was "Secrets, do you keep them, have you any long kept ones, use hidden journalling and stamp hearts on your page". Well, I am too honest for my own good and I have no secrets at all, either that or I never do anything that needs to be kept secret! On the back of the tag it says "but my job requires me to be confidential" That got me thinking; what is the difference between "secret" and "confidential"? Secret to me is saucy, cheeky a bit sneaky or sly and probably dishonest. Confidential is professional, not gossipy, tactful and considerate. Now these seem to be almost opposites don't they? Odd that....
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Wednesday 8 June 2011

Art Journal Week 22

Posted by PicasaI am bit behind again with this one, despite having just had half term! This week was "Random; 5 random facts about yourself, use 5 random stamps, add a random embellishment from your desk". Quite fun this one but I am not very interesting so it was quite hard to think of 5 random things about me! It looks a bit washed out but it's Distress Inks with resist embossing usinf 5 random stamps from my computer desk, most freebies from Craft Stamper! The embellie; one I was sent for a gift from somebody I did a favour for!