Friday, 10 June 2011

Art Journal Week...whatever comes next!

So to another week and the prompt was "Secrets, do you keep them, have you any long kept ones, use hidden journalling and stamp hearts on your page". Well, I am too honest for my own good and I have no secrets at all, either that or I never do anything that needs to be kept secret! On the back of the tag it says "but my job requires me to be confidential" That got me thinking; what is the difference between "secret" and "confidential"? Secret to me is saucy, cheeky a bit sneaky or sly and probably dishonest. Confidential is professional, not gossipy, tactful and considerate. Now these seem to be almost opposites don't they? Odd that....
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Linda said...

love your comparison betwwen secret and confidential. It's something I've been thinking about today for my daily writing... the prompt is 'The thing I never told you is....'