Saturday 31 May 2008

At last! I manage to create! I have had this CJ from UKStampers for aaaaages, just waiting for inspiration to strike. For this CJ we send a stamp around with it to be used as imaginativly as possible. Well I am No 9 (out of 10) so a lot of fantastic ideas have already been used! This swirly feather is the stamp and although it has already been used as a head-dress I am hoping that my burlesque theme is different enought to be acceptable!
Now as you can probably tell I am still trying to work out the best way to get photoes on here so they are a bit all over the place! Still I think you get the idea!! We only have one more entry to do and then we get ours back! I am sooooo excited as this will be the first one I have ever done and I KNOW that I have definately improved over the 10 months!

Friday 30 May 2008

Today has been a complete waste of a day! I got up as a woman on a mission, to free up space on my PC by loading all my photoes onto CD. Simple, quick task I thought. Oooo how wrong! I spent about 4 hours trying all sorts of combinations of instructions and it just would NOT play ball. Then when I finally got some on a disk it wouldn't allow me to open them to check they were there! So now I have given up.

As a consequence I have done no crafting at all. So I thought I'd show a picture of my DD1 on pointe at her first lesson as that is where she is now!

I would also like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has taken a minute to visit my new baby and also to leave comments!

Thursday 29 May 2008

Well what did we do today? We went to Canterbury and it poured down! We visited The Canterbury Tales, courtesy of Tesco vouchers, and had a great time there. It didn't fill the whole day tho' so we decided to stroll down to the Cathedral but they wanted to charge to even get close to it. So we went and sat in a tea shoppe, being entertained by a live pianist which was really lovely! So todays photo is the rain again, this time plopping into a puddle outside the tea shop!

Here is my May page. I am actually quite pleased with this one, although the ink on my printer is running out so the pics are a bit liney if you look too closely! The gap going down the middle of the top page is for the date but I don't have any numbers for my Big Shot so I have to wait 'til I go to a scrapbooking class and borrow theirs like I did last month! LOL!!

Wednesday 28 May 2008

Well I have got home from Pack Holiday in one piece....almost! I managed to drop the boot lid on my shoulder (ouch!) and somebody reversed into my very large, very black people carrier as I was stationary in a car park saying that she didn't see me!!! Luckily no damage to my car but a fair bit to hers.

Anyway, despite pouring rain, we had a great time with the Brownies who were very well-behaved. I faithfully carried my camera about to record the 25th and my pics are certainly very different from last months! I can't post pics of the Brownies (for obvious reasons) but I was particularly pleased with this shot of the rain on an oak tree when I was walking the dogs.
I now just have to try and get them into the album! As I made my own it is a fair bit smaller than the kit version but having spent an hour or more with bits of paper cut to the right size I think I may be about there! So that will be tonights little project and hopefully I can show you all how it went tomorrow.
BTW, thanks for you kind welcome to blog land ladies!

Saturday 24 May 2008

Ok so I have finally gone and done it! My new baby blog! Now I just have to learn how it all works and get some stuff on it! You will gradually get to know me as I get better at this and I hope you will enjoy looking at my experiments and attempts as I go along!

At the moment I am really enjoying the challenge set up by shimelle where you record the 25th of each month. Each month you get a photo prompt a few days in advance and then on the 25th itself a LO is posted. The latest prompt ready for Sunday, was to take an inanimate object around your house to find the best light, background etc. I took my fave wineglass for a wander and here are a few of my best shots.