Saturday, 31 May 2008

At last! I manage to create! I have had this CJ from UKStampers for aaaaages, just waiting for inspiration to strike. For this CJ we send a stamp around with it to be used as imaginativly as possible. Well I am No 9 (out of 10) so a lot of fantastic ideas have already been used! This swirly feather is the stamp and although it has already been used as a head-dress I am hoping that my burlesque theme is different enought to be acceptable!
Now as you can probably tell I am still trying to work out the best way to get photoes on here so they are a bit all over the place! Still I think you get the idea!! We only have one more entry to do and then we get ours back! I am sooooo excited as this will be the first one I have ever done and I KNOW that I have definately improved over the 10 months!


Hazel said...

I love this so much! Now I wish I had thought of that! Tasha, this is brilliant stamping, and I love the background, too.

Sarah said...

this is fab!!!

that stamp was a tricky one...but you have found the perfect use for it there

Anonymous said...

Brilliant Tasha!!! I love how you've used this stamp! :)