Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Well I have got home from Pack Holiday in one piece....almost! I managed to drop the boot lid on my shoulder (ouch!) and somebody reversed into my very large, very black people carrier as I was stationary in a car park saying that she didn't see me!!! Luckily no damage to my car but a fair bit to hers.

Anyway, despite pouring rain, we had a great time with the Brownies who were very well-behaved. I faithfully carried my camera about to record the 25th and my pics are certainly very different from last months! I can't post pics of the Brownies (for obvious reasons) but I was particularly pleased with this shot of the rain on an oak tree when I was walking the dogs.
I now just have to try and get them into the album! As I made my own it is a fair bit smaller than the kit version but having spent an hour or more with bits of paper cut to the right size I think I may be about there! So that will be tonights little project and hopefully I can show you all how it went tomorrow.
BTW, thanks for you kind welcome to blog land ladies!


Scrappy~Sarah said...

Beautiful shot there fabulous

Jay said...

I love how the raindrops shine on the leaves. Lovely photo.