Sunday 28 November 2010

Bit more LSNED...

Day 20 was thoughts about what is your current "thing". I am having a jewellery phase...

Day 21 and I can't remember the prompt but this was a cutting from the paper. A silent but powerful objection to plans Tesco have for "redeveloping" the town centre.

Day 21 was thoughts about a lesson learnt from someone else (Ithink!) This tells the story of an early morning chat with a child in the playground. I have forgotten to add the craft challenges but this one was to write in something other than your usual pen, so I used coloured pencils.

Posted by PicasaJasper and Eliza's birthday was on the 22nd and as always everything is a terrible rush when it is a school day. It seemed even worse this year as they are at secondary school.

So as I neglected to finish this in September I did ponder about thinking of some other things I had learnt to finish the book up to 30th. In the end I decided to draw it to it's end here so my final page explains that maybe this was the last learnt lesson for the month!

Now I can get onto guilt free Christmas crafting!


For some reason I am having a few problems loading pics at the moment. I am doing nothing differently but some aren't loading and those that do are randomly choosing which way to orient themselves, resisting all attempts to rotate them! Please bear with me or contact me if you too are experiencing similiar difficulties!
Yes I was meant to finish in September! But I didn't. However like a good girl I decided to finish what I could before I clear the decks to make Christmas cards and Journal my Christmas. Now I absolutely cannot miss doing JYC as I am trying to make one for each child so this will be No3.
With that in mind here are the last pages..16th was a story written by a child in the class, who is 6. I repeated it with her spellings and it is really lovely!
17th is fairly self explanatory. I don't get lie ins very often. A lie in to me is 7am as I am usually up at 5.45. On 18th I booked online for air tickets to a Uni open day in Edinburgh. Another new thing I have never done before.

I went to Mayfield Bonfire with the children in the parade. Now it is just too much to lug my great big camera all the way round so at the end I took a quick pic of the fair on my mobile and I love the fact this pic show just the blobs of light.

Saturday 27 November 2010

More sewing!

I did say I would show what we have been up to at Guides. Way back in April, when the V&A had their patchwork exhibition on, they had a special charity patchwork day. You may remember that we took a group of Guides up and sat in the Raphael Cartoon Gallery, stitching patchwork for a charity called Project Linus. Well off the back of that we heard about another charity project called Quilts for London. Their aim is to present fabric banners to every athlete who comes here for the Olympics in 2012 by getting individuals and community groups to make them. So now the evenings are drawing in, making it hard to take the girls outside, we decided to crack on with them.
Us adults came up with the design to represent Guiding and that allowed every girl to do a square each. Lots of the girls have never sewn, or said they couldn't, but these are what they came up with! One of the Mums did the words for us and another Mum who makes church banners mounted them onto the red velvet but otherwise the girls did them all by themselves. We just have to label the back and then they are ready to be sent off. I hope they like them! We also decided to make a banner for the Unit to keep as it is our Centenary year and that is nearly finished so I will show that when it is completed later on!
Last night I was a bit naughty! I should have been soap wrapping but after looking at Efemera's blog I HAD to make this cute little pear! Jess said it looked like a tartan scrotum (!!!!!) but I shall ignore her rude comments. I might even make some more!

Friday 26 November 2010

The finished article.

A few labels and bits and buttons that I used to embellish the squares. My fave is this typical label from inside..."Trousers Combat Temperate DPM"! Army speak gone mad and usually followed by the phrase "pair 1"!

This is a selection of pockets and tabs, Ken's stripes and an arrow cut from red fleece with a Sizzix die!

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Last of all I sewed it onto a fleece I got at good old Primark for £3. In fact that and a reel of thread was all this quilt cost! Bargain!!!

Guess what I am up to now?

Yes...another quilt! Well I cut this one out in half term and it has just been shoved in a shoebox and shunted about getting in the way and on everyones nerves! So finally I sat down and embellished a few squares..not too many as this is for my son. Not only that, it was made from my husbands old Army jungle DPMs and the desert ones he got 20 years ago when HE went to the Gulf War. They have been languishing in the loft and he finally agreed to let me chop them up. I digress....they are full of pockets and tabs so most of the squares had some kind of decoration on anyway. I added 2 pairs of my own trousers that I am too large for and that was enough!
So this is it, nearly all laid out, once I hoovered the carpet!
It is all finished now so I must go and take some pics of the finished article and will add them in a bit!
I also want to share with you what we have been making at Guides....
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Monday 8 November 2010

Yes it's coming!!!

Don't faint but I have started my Christmas cards! Last Monday I went to Burn's cabin and had a rummage in her stamps! Linda was there too with her christmassy ones, so we had a swap about of images. This one was Burn's, stamped in a brown. When I brought it home, I matted it on that lovely bazzil called "raisin". Then I broke open my new pad of My Mind's Eye christmas papers which are all glittery and delicious, to use for the next mat on a green card! Simple but made fab with this lovely stamp!
Think this one was Burn's too; stamped in grey this time and mounted on some gold and christmas scraps with some gold ribbon.
This is a stamp I bought for this year. I whiled away an afternoon or two putting different glitter and stickers and gems on this (and the following one) which I then took to Burn's to make up into cards. I have done these in several different colours so I can use up my scraps.
So a few more to go I think!
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