Sunday, 28 November 2010


For some reason I am having a few problems loading pics at the moment. I am doing nothing differently but some aren't loading and those that do are randomly choosing which way to orient themselves, resisting all attempts to rotate them! Please bear with me or contact me if you too are experiencing similiar difficulties!
Yes I was meant to finish in September! But I didn't. However like a good girl I decided to finish what I could before I clear the decks to make Christmas cards and Journal my Christmas. Now I absolutely cannot miss doing JYC as I am trying to make one for each child so this will be No3.
With that in mind here are the last pages..16th was a story written by a child in the class, who is 6. I repeated it with her spellings and it is really lovely!
17th is fairly self explanatory. I don't get lie ins very often. A lie in to me is 7am as I am usually up at 5.45. On 18th I booked online for air tickets to a Uni open day in Edinburgh. Another new thing I have never done before.

I went to Mayfield Bonfire with the children in the parade. Now it is just too much to lug my great big camera all the way round so at the end I took a quick pic of the fair on my mobile and I love the fact this pic show just the blobs of light.

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