Sunday, 28 November 2010

Bit more LSNED...

Day 20 was thoughts about what is your current "thing". I am having a jewellery phase...

Day 21 and I can't remember the prompt but this was a cutting from the paper. A silent but powerful objection to plans Tesco have for "redeveloping" the town centre.

Day 21 was thoughts about a lesson learnt from someone else (Ithink!) This tells the story of an early morning chat with a child in the playground. I have forgotten to add the craft challenges but this one was to write in something other than your usual pen, so I used coloured pencils.

Posted by PicasaJasper and Eliza's birthday was on the 22nd and as always everything is a terrible rush when it is a school day. It seemed even worse this year as they are at secondary school.

So as I neglected to finish this in September I did ponder about thinking of some other things I had learnt to finish the book up to 30th. In the end I decided to draw it to it's end here so my final page explains that maybe this was the last learnt lesson for the month!

Now I can get onto guilt free Christmas crafting!

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Sid said...

Fab pages especially like the one with the large flower !!