Saturday, 27 November 2010

More sewing!

I did say I would show what we have been up to at Guides. Way back in April, when the V&A had their patchwork exhibition on, they had a special charity patchwork day. You may remember that we took a group of Guides up and sat in the Raphael Cartoon Gallery, stitching patchwork for a charity called Project Linus. Well off the back of that we heard about another charity project called Quilts for London. Their aim is to present fabric banners to every athlete who comes here for the Olympics in 2012 by getting individuals and community groups to make them. So now the evenings are drawing in, making it hard to take the girls outside, we decided to crack on with them.
Us adults came up with the design to represent Guiding and that allowed every girl to do a square each. Lots of the girls have never sewn, or said they couldn't, but these are what they came up with! One of the Mums did the words for us and another Mum who makes church banners mounted them onto the red velvet but otherwise the girls did them all by themselves. We just have to label the back and then they are ready to be sent off. I hope they like them! We also decided to make a banner for the Unit to keep as it is our Centenary year and that is nearly finished so I will show that when it is completed later on!
Last night I was a bit naughty! I should have been soap wrapping but after looking at Efemera's blog I HAD to make this cute little pear! Jess said it looked like a tartan scrotum (!!!!!) but I shall ignore her rude comments. I might even make some more!


Minxy said...

I'd say they all look fab Tasha but the pics arn't loading for me. I'm sure they all are though x

Chicken Licken said...

Sorry, seems to have been a problem my end! Hopefully have fixed it now!

Sid said...

Fab stuff, love the tartan scrotum......sorry pear !! lol

Irene said...

so pleased you are joining in with making pennants for our project. Can we please ask that anyone making one checks the restrictions on the use of images and wording. It's not us being difficult but certain things have been protected by an Act of Parliament and we have to comply by the rules laid down by LOCOG (London Orgnaising Committee of the Olympic Games)thanks