Friday, 26 November 2010

Guess what I am up to now?

Yes...another quilt! Well I cut this one out in half term and it has just been shoved in a shoebox and shunted about getting in the way and on everyones nerves! So finally I sat down and embellished a few squares..not too many as this is for my son. Not only that, it was made from my husbands old Army jungle DPMs and the desert ones he got 20 years ago when HE went to the Gulf War. They have been languishing in the loft and he finally agreed to let me chop them up. I digress....they are full of pockets and tabs so most of the squares had some kind of decoration on anyway. I added 2 pairs of my own trousers that I am too large for and that was enough!
So this is it, nearly all laid out, once I hoovered the carpet!
It is all finished now so I must go and take some pics of the finished article and will add them in a bit!
I also want to share with you what we have been making at Guides....
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Linda said...

That's fab Tash! Can you bring it to show us irl next time we're at Burn's cabin?

Chicken Licken said...

I shall indeed!