Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Art Journal Weeks 44 and 45

The challenge continues with Week 44..."Inspiration- What inspires you?Are there certain times or places that you are more inspired? Include some inspirational words/pictures" I have to say that if I ever need inspiration I turn to the internet and sites like Blogger, Pinterest or good old Google. I also look in books a lot. I particularly like Pinterest because I can put all those things I find whilst I am surfing, in one place to find again later! Week 45 was about Patience "Are you patient, what in particular drives you potty? Use contrasting colours eg calm/angry". I think, for a redhead, I have a long fuse. I am a slow burn kinda gal! Things will mount up and mount up until POW! I blow! But once it is out of my system I am fine, calmness restored. And what makes me really see red are my children bickering, in fact ANY bickering; answering back, and that can be at home or at school; arrogance, a most unattractive quality and one that makes me see red instantly, so much so that I would not bother to continue a conversation with somebody who was arrogant! Lastly is meaness, I don't have a lot but what I have I share whether it be time or money etc and I don't like to see others keeping to themselves. Fortunately I am blessed with generous friends and family!


Sid said...

Two super pages !!

Linda said...

great pages Tash!