Sunday, 8 June 2008

Ok well as you can see I have been scrapping again! Now maybe someone will kindly tell me WHY one of my pictures is sideways and more importantly how do I turn it round?
Well as I had done a DLO of DD1 I thought I'd better do DD2! She is a member of her school Batucada Band and they were invited to perform in the Brighton Festival Children's Parade. She had an amazing time but they marched just over 2 miles, playing all the way so her arms and legs were rather achey by the time they were done! The atmosphere was sensational and everywhere people were dancing in the street as they went by!
So I am not sure when I will next get to craft. Tomorrow I have a course and a District Meeting in the evening (Guides etc!). Tuesday is Guides so I guess it may be Wednesday if I am lucky! I HAVE parcelled up 2 CJs and my ATCs ready for OH to post tomorrow for me so that may be my lot for a while. Mind you, our Guider gets married on Saturday and she has asked me to take my camera so if I manage to get any decent shots I fancy having a go at one of those star shaped books for her........ Please keep your fingers crossed for good weather!!

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