Sunday, 22 June 2008

Yes it's been aaaaages since I updated hasn't it? Life I'm afraid; lots of it, some good some bad but all too much! So I haven't crafted for about 2 weeks apart from a rush job birthday card or two. So after a particularly stressful week I decided to dedicate Saturday evening and today to finishing my little houses for Flos swap. So here is a taster, a close up of two and then all en masse. I decided to do my houses as a whole street and it's occupants. They are not numbered in sequence as I had this vision of it being a street after the war in a suburb where some houses had been bombed out. Mmmm that sounds a bit morbid now but as lots of my images were 40s/50s I thought it fitted rather well. They are quite simple, distress inks and a bit of background stamping, but I had great fun thinking up personalities for the residents. I am now off to ask people how to turn my pics around!

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Hazel said...

Very witty! They look great- I bet they had fun on that street!