Sunday, 29 June 2008

Today I gave myself the day off after yet another totally manic Saturday. I have been wanting to make one of these star books for ages.In fact I was planning to put the wedding photoes (Guide Leader's wedding 2 weeks ago) in one. But before I commited myself to that one I thought I'd have a practice on one for my friend. My two youngest were in a school production of Robin Hood last week and my friend's son was Robin. Guess what tho? She forgot to take her camera so I took loads of pics for her. So this is the result...a star for her star son! I did discover a few things on the way. Firstly it's a lot smaller than I thought so I would have to cut all the pics down tiny to go in, and secondly it was soooooo incredibly easy but looks quite tricky to the novice! Perfect for a pressie then! But not so perfect for the Wedding Album. So I think I will be resorting to the BIA for that one!

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