Sunday, 22 September 2013

Photo a Day

September 16th; our first Muddy Monday with the new class and we were looking for signs of Autumn. I took lots of pics but this one was rather a fluke....the berries look a bit like jewels!

September 17th; found this.....just before the dog ate it!

September 18th; a bit cooler today; I wore boots today for the first time! SO I was really glad that I had decided to do pigeon and pork casserole for tea. Just look how lean that pigeon breast is...mmmmm.

September 19th; when we got home from school this was lying on next door's made us laugh because it looked like a dismembered hand!

September 20th; this made me laugh too! My phone obviously does not have a high opinion of Uckfield!

September 21st; took Jess's stuff down to Bournemouth for her. She went yesterday but she had so much stuff I had to take ALL the seats out of the car. This is it all empty....needs a hoover!

September 22nd; Jasper and Eliza's babies are 15!
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Linda said...

wow! 15 already, where did the time go? Love the 'dismembered hand'

Burnice said...

Just what I was thinking Linda. Happy belated birthday Eliza and Jasper.