Saturday, 13 August 2011

The latest CJ

Some weeks ago I started a CJ with a group of friends I have met through scrapbooking. Four of the girls have not done a CJ before so we decided just to start with something small, no real rules, just to see if they enjoyed the process. I have done 4 of the 5 entries that I need to do and I won't show them yet (as I know you lot will be sneaking a peek!) but I thought I could safely show my book. Today I will just show the cover and rules bits and then tomorrow I will show you my entry. So here is the front cover; I decided to use the shell stamp to send round with it. This is painted and embossed with a pearly powder.

Nice close up of the pearlyness!

Inside are my intro page and rules. Nice bit of bubble wrap printing on the left;

My rules page was done with a salt technique and my rules are that they must use the stamp and also include a quote if they like.

So off it went. Will show you more tomorrow.
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