Thursday, 4 August 2011

Art Journal Weeks 29, 30 and 31.

Had to do a bit of catching up with my Journal. Not because I haven't had time but I have been waiting for something specific! Week 29 was "describe yourself in 5 words, use rub ons/stickers and include a finger print". Well as you know Hubby is a policeman so I wanted him to appropriate some fingerprint stationary for me. Then I really struggled with 5 words so I asked some friends to help me. I came up with "unsympathetic"; I don't "do" sympathy but in my defence I don't expect it either! Rub ons are the quote and the date circle.

Week 30 was all about "Smell. Your favourite and memories attached to it. Include something smelly and an image of a nose" Scent is my strongest sense so it was really hard to narrow this one down! I really remember Mum kissing me goodnight when she was off out wearing her Diorissimo perfume that smelt of lily of the valley. I love perfume too and have worn several over the years. There wasn't room for all of them but I have expensive tastes! Some are Dior Poison, Estee Lauder Samsara, Rive Gauche and then more recently Givenchy Amarige, Calvin Klein Eternity Summer and for my up coming birthday I fancy this new Marc Jacobs fragrance, Oh Lola. I love the whole package of perfume; the bottle is just as lovely as the scent! Lots of my own drawing on this page and Jess got me a sample which is liberally sprayed with the fragrance!!

Week 31 and it was "list 5 things that made you smile this week. Use a happy colour and include some kisses!" Well easy peasy this one so a nice simple page in a happy yellow and orange. My 5 things;

a man (in SpecSavers admittedly) said he liked my bracelet;

Running is a new activity to me so little things like this help me to keep going and this Black Eyed Peas song is just the best!

My pyjama story-well my lips remain sealed but the person who told me knows who she is and it has made me smile all week;

Mum told me something aaaaages ago but when it came up in conversation a few days ago she vigorously denied it but later had to back down after she had checked things out with my aunt! A small victory but a sweet one!

And last of all my dear friends Burn and Linda made me smile when we were in Burn's cabin and they were trying to think of words to describe me! Bless them both!

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Sid said...

Three fab pages !!

Linda said...

teehee! Glad i made it onto one of your pages Tash!:):):)