Saturday, 20 August 2011

Anyone for a biscuit?

Today I thought I would show you what two of my children have been up to over the summer holidays. I picked up a copy of the "Mollie Makes" magazine that has been out for several months now and in it was a pattern for these rather scrumptious felt biscuits! Jess decided to make the Jammie Dodger whilst Eliza (who is only 12) made the iced gems from the patterns provided. Then one of Jess's friends asked for a custard cream and a Party Ring so Jess made them using the pictures in the magazine to help. If you would like to se other things this designer has made then have a look just here. Jess is now working on a Bourbon....!
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Linda said...

I just bought that magazine this week, isn't it fab? Love the biscuits!!!