Thursday, 18 August 2011

A Girl's Day Out

Managed to get rid of the boys today; Hubby in bed after night shift and Jasper gone to Grandads so I took the girls to Brighton. There is a bead shop there called The Big Bead Boutique and I know they do classes for adults so I rang to see if they could do something for me and my girls together. The lovely lady who runs it, her name is Jo, said yes so off we went.

It took us absolutely ages to decide what beads to use, and then just what to do with them! Then we had tuition to show us what to do. Here I am stringing my choice.

And Eliza with her choice, well under way.

Jess getting to grips with all sorts of fiddleyness. More news about Jess in a moment...

And finally Katy, who seems to think she is not creative, tackling some tricky wire-bending.

So here is my finished necklace! Not a very good pic but it is really sparkly.

So if you want a great craft experience in Brighton I would thoroughly recommend going there as Jo is lovely, and we even had a cup of tea in vintage cups and saucers!

Posted by PicasaNow my news about Jess; today is A-Level results day and I am very proud to announce that Jess

got B for English Lit, B for Textiles and C for Drama, meaning that she will be studying Costume with Performance Design at Bournemouth Arts University.

Ok for some reason I can't add a hyperlink to The Big Bead Boutique so please use the link on my sidebar to visit.


Burnice said...

You know Jo is my favouritist person on earth (except for my crafty buddies of course). Didn't think to pop in and say hello then!

Burnice said...

Forgot to say - did you like my bunting in the window !!

Burn xxxxx

Chicken Licken said...

Loved your bunting and sommented on it lots! Told everyone "my friend made that" Wasn't sure if you were working, told Jo I would be in trouble with you for not saying I was going! Gorgeous, gorgeous place!

Linda said...

Well done Jess!!! Woohoo to her!!! Hope you're celebrating with her:)

Love the necklace, fancy it being purple:)

Ian and Karen said...

Well done to Jess, how exciting.