Sunday, 10 January 2010

Final pages of Journal!!

So we are nearing the end and 6th Jan was for a final thought about the whole season. On the 5th we had a stupendous snowfall....again and I think that the snow has been the big story this Christmas. The children have never known snow before Christmas or quite so much of it. I chose to show what we did on 6th...we built Derek!
No prompt for this day but as you can see the book would end with a blank page! Last year I just left it blank 'cos I had no other ideas. This year I had this lovely story about how we gave the guinea pigs the sprout trimmings, thinking they would find them a tasty treat. When we came out on Boxing Day morning they had picked out all the other things and left the sprouts!! A suitable final story of our Christmas this year as the love'em/hate 'em debate always rages round our house!
Finally, the cover (although I have since added a tiny green bell to the book ring). Thank you all for your lovely comments about my journal. I have loved doing it and I am sure I will embark on a third one next year! Why not join me? The link is at the top of my blog!
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Lesley Edmonds said...

I've loved looking at your Christmas Journal. Thanks for sharing it with us. Keep warm!!!
Lesley x

Tinkertaylor said...

Congratulations on completing your journal. I have thoroughly enjoyed following it, thanks for sharing,looking forward to the next one.
ps verification word is pressi how apt is that!!!