Saturday, 9 January 2010


Jan 3rd was for recording the best bits about Christmas this year. I stuck with my brown theme and did some yellow embellishment to move on from the gold I had used on the Christmas pages.
Jan 4th was a place to write down all the things that you need to remember for next Christmas! I focused on what had made Christmas easier and run more smoothly.
Jan 5th was about taking down the decorations. I chose to photograph the bare tree and the bare space where the tree had been! The little row of lights are one of the first bits of embellishment I bought and I have never found the right place to use them in three years! But there they were in my stash, just waiting for that right moment.......isn't that what stash is for?

As I mentioned, I am in a knitting phase ATM and here is the latest monster corsage! I think it is about 6" and is knitted with 3 strands of DK as one. Jess has requisitioned this and is wearing it in the pic...she says it keeps her left breast lovely and warm!!!!!

Right off to finish these snowy books with the others. I feel I deserve a rest now as I yomped about 3 miles this morning to the supermarket and back with the girls. We carried 44kg of shopping back between us!!!!
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Anonymous said...

Love your pages Tasha, and the corsage is fabulous! DD Beth and I are knitting scarves as I got some wool from readicut in the potluck sale - £10 for 20 balls, lovely blue fluffy yarn! xx

Hels Sheridan said...

Fab pages...lovely to keep memories like that..and am LOVING that corsage..tis FAB x

Linda said...

lovely pages Tash! Love those knitted corsages too!