Friday, 1 January 2010

Christmas Journal Days 10, 11 &12

Good morning and a Happy New Year to you all!
More Journal pages...Day 10 is about your wrapping; what do you use, how do you go about it etc. Shimelle also supplies "instructions" to make this a really quick and easy page as time is always tight before Christmas! I used a selection of this years paper...
Day 11 was a chance to discuss or show-case your tree. The pic is of last years tree. Every year we have a big debate in our house about whether the tree will be traditional (my fave, with wooden decorations and lots of natural coloured bits) or trendy (all colour co-ordinated!) Well this year trendy won out and it is bronze and copper colours. I wasn't even allowed to put my "must have" lametta on the tree this year as it quite a small one!
Finally for this batch was some thoughts on Day 12 about Christmas past. Last year I told the tale of a particularly memorable childhood Christmas, so this year I chose to reflect on what my family used to do, (the Fords), what OHs family did, (the Wells), and what WE now do.
Thank you for stopping by!
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Tinkertaylor said...

Love your pages, especially the idea of recording traditions past and present. I'm with you on the tree front, mines multicoloured with bits and pieces we've collected along the way a right mish mash!