Friday, 8 January 2010

Knitted Corsage

To be brutally honest I fancy a change from papercrafting at the mo! So I rummaged about on the net for free knitting patterns. At the end of my sofa I have a bag of odds and ends of wool waiting to be used so I found some red and last night I knitted this up! The middle bobble is also knitted but the girls MADE me put beads on it and then they kept saying "put more on, put MORE on!" But actually I am glad 'cos I like them....I just got a bit bored sewing them on!
Now I am doing a different one in purple and black and I have found some Tea Cosy patterns too.......
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Anonymous said...

How gorgeous! Funnily enough, I fancied a bit of knitting for a change, and bought a Woman's Weekly knitting and crochet special today! I used to 'knit for England', and started when I was at infant school! Lol!

Tinkertaylor said...

Lovely corsage, beads look great