Saturday, 2 January 2010

Christmas Journal Days 13, 14 &15

Are you bored yet? Day 13 was about Christmas Music. Well with 4 children (at 3 different schools) and me working at a 4th there is always lots of music surrounding me at this time of year. This time I documented all the Musical events I had been to, rather than what I was listening to in the car! 3 of the children play instruments too so it adds up to a fair number of concerts! They ranged from our class Nativity, to a concert in the assembly Hall in Tunbridge Wells by all the children at primary and secondary schools in the Heathfield Area and a Group Scout Carol Service. All together they really made Christmas seem just around the corner!
Day 14; how is the giving of gifts handled in your house? I can't take credit for this LO as it was a lift from one of the pages done last year by a participant. I hope she won't mind but I loved it so much that I wanted to use it too!
Last of all for this load was a few thoughts on visiting and visitors over the festive period. This is another page where Shimelle gives you a "recipe", wham, bam and Bob's yer Uncle, done....nice and quick again! Sometimes I just need it to be quick in all the pre-Christmas rush!
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