Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Days 22, 23 and 24

Day 22 was a chance to make a list of all those things you still haven't done! A shorter list for me this year...and I tend to DO those things on the day that I scrap them. Guilt I guess! Again this button idea was taken from another scrappers page....
Well I think I must have had a lot of time on my hands on 23rd! I decided to create this fireplace to write about our stocking traditions. The journalling is behind the miri-card mirror!
Finally 24th...Christmas Eve. This is just a collection of pics of things I did on that day...iced the cake. Again I must have had too much time as I decided to handmake icing poinsettias and hand colour them! Bonkers or what! Still it did look quite pretty as I DID think it might just look like I had bled all over them! The other pics were the beautiful ice formed inside the hens water feeder, all leafy and pretty!
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