Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Rolling Recipe Challenge Week 2

In week 2 we lost lace (phew) and got buttons to go with stamped image and glitter. I do use glitter lots and lots in "stuff" but somehow it was dead tricky last week to get it to go with lace and today with buttons! I guess it is because lace and buttons shout "vintage" to me and glitter just really doesn't! Despite all that I am quite pleased with this one.....scraps of leftover paper for the stamped flowers with multi-coloured button middles and then I glittered two of the flowers! Not quite sure about the very top flower...think the colour is not right but hey-ho 'tis done now!

Now let me just tell you about a teeny challengette I am doing with 3 friends. We all scrap together and are feeling we need to be stretched a bit so we have decided to swap 4 photos of the snow each, making 16 in total. Then we are each going to do with them whatever we like...hence my "Snow" book cover. I can't wait to see what we all come up with when we are each given the same pics to work with. I think mine might be a hybrid of scrapping and a bit altered-y....
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Tis fabulous Tasha! x