Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Journal Day 25, 26 and 27

Christmas Day. Well what can go on really other than a photo montage! So just a few highlights of the day.
Boxing Day always seems to follow a tradition in our house! It is very much part of Christmas and is ALWAYS cold meat day. We start at lunchtime and just keep on eating! I decided to lay down the "Rules" of our Boxing Day!
Day 27 was a chance to think about how our sleep pattern changes over the holiday. Just a bit of journalling and a pic of my sleepy dog. Why do they always look soooooo cosy? Went a bit OTT with the pearls here but hey....

Don't know about you but we had another snow day here! We built Derek...who I will show you tomorrow! And as it is Twelfth Night my Journal finished today too. I spent the day journalling that last page (plus one for the reverse of it) and finishing the cover too. Those pics will follow in due course. I also very diligently sorted out all the bits I had in one bag for that project and put them all away neatly!!! Now that is unheard of....!
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