Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snowy Book..boy version!

This is Jasper's Snow Book. Being a boy (I feel I am qualified to make boy/girl comments as they are twins!!!) he wanted a plainer one because it would be finished quicker! So less bling for his and more words.
He also did fewer pages with less views and more action shots! It is the first papercraft project he has actually finished so he too is rather proud of it. They both managed to get into school yesterday and showed them to their class teachers. She was so impressed with them that she is going to put them on display in the entrance hall at school! Eliza's comment..."huh I suppose all the little children will be touching them and messing them up then!"
Another snow day today so more craft I feel!
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LME said...

I agree boys like stuff that is not fussy :)

Unknown said...

I love it!

Tinkertaylor said...

fab snow book well done to your son for finishing it. My lads never finished anything!