Thursday, 14 January 2010


In all these days off we have had I have been gradually catching up with my 2009 album. I spent one day ordering the next batch of pics to scrap, from August to Dec and then discovered 2 LOs that I had the paper for but had not done! So I set to and these are them! (or should that be they?) First was a trip to Pevensey Bay which is probably our closest beach. Looks like it was a lovely day but I seem to remember it was very windy! Despite that I think all the children still swam...mad things! I spent a fair bit of time lying on my back trying to get a good pic of a seagull..... Jasper wasn't with us but I was really pleased with these pics of the girls.
I am sure I have showed LOs of Katy with the school Batucada group. They normally have black T-shirts and Katy wears pink DMs with pink gloves so the LOs are usually black and pink! For once the Batucada were invited to perform with a group in Uckfield called Spiritus who wear I got to do a different coloured LO for a change! After this they also played in the Thames Festival along the South Bank in London.
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Tinkertaylor said...

Two lovely layouts how I wish I was on that beach right now

Hels Sheridan said...

Great LO's hun x