Thursday, 7 January 2010

Journal Days 28, 29 and 30

On day 28 we thought about those things that are special to Christmas or special about Christmas. Every year we make Cumberland Rum butter which is basically rum, butter and brown sugar and we have it spread on toast. And every year I cannot find or remember the recipe! So this time I have written it in my Journal along with the one for brandy butter so I know where they are! I look in Delia's book every year but her recipes are just not the ones I use which I guess must have come from my Mum!
Generally people seem to have a bit more time to complete their journals now the mad panic is over and quite a lot were still lucky enough to be off work still on 29th. This gave us a chance to look through our Journal so far and think about that topic that was missing or maybe the story about THIS Christmas that just hadn't been told so far. My page is about DD2 and her Bingo game....was really pleased with these pics so nice to be able to use them!
Day 30 and the end of the year approaching so this page was a summary of the year. I tried to include something about everyone in the family but I obviously haven't achieved anything this year so am not mentioned!!! Whilst I quite like this LO (which I again copied) I am a bit disappointed with the plain strip down the edge but I can't think what to do there! Tried paper, ribbon etc so I think it will just stay like this and I will have to just move on!!

I can hear OH attacking ice with a spade so I think I better go and look busy too!
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