Monday, 11 January 2010

Eliza's Snow Book.

My children have now had a whole extra week off school and the two youngest, Jasper and Eliza, have not been to school since Dec 18th. They are getting a bit bored now so Eliza decided about 3 days ago, that she would like to make a Snow Book. I gave her a bag of beer mats and a pile of stash and off she went. This is the book that she made, all on her own. All I did was cut the mounts (cos my paper trimmer is new so I won't let ANYONE else use it) and bind it when she had done. She did all the rest on her own including the ribbon and all the embellishing!
Don't know about you but I think it is rather brill for a solo work from a girl of 11! Jasper did one too and I will try to unearth it from his bedroom to show you tomorrow!
Needless to say I have done diddley squat of my own as I have been supporting them and making sure they didn't pinch my best embellies! Not only that but my Mum decided to get in on the act and I spent the day teaching her how to papercraft too with her own snowy book!

Well the buses seem to be running for eldest to get in tomorrow for her Biology AS, No 2 daughter is off AGAIN tomorrow and we await with bated breath the fate of Jasper and Eliza! I am sure I will have to go in tomorrow tho as the rest of the staff have been in today clearing snow I think. Mind you I am beginning to run out of steam craftwise.......!
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LME said...

Lovely book :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful,love all the ribbons! x

Lucy Edmondson said...

What a brilliant idea, to do snow books. Both the twins' books are brilliant!

Lucy x