Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Friendship Quilt

A fair number of months ago Burnice, Linda and I decided to make a friendship quilt each. You may remember me telling you about how we bought each other a fat quarter and then made a 12x12" square for each other which we then exchanged for Christmas. Next we made ourselves a square and then the fourth square was the log cabin where we all meet and we all used the same pattern for that. So now I have the four squares and the second thing that I am REALLY proud about is that this weekend I sewed them all together to make my quilt top. Over the next few days I shall show you them until the final reveal of them all together!! First of all I shall show you the one I made for myself. It was based on a Hobo Quilt and I chose four smaller squares that represent my life. From top L, clockwise they are; cops active, man with a gun, OK and kind-hearted lady. My friends will know why I have chosen these!!! I was a bit nervous that my quilt squares wouldn't go together so I used some fabric in mine that was the same as I gave to Burn and Linda in the hope that would add some "flow" to the final quilt. Stop laughing at me Burn......as a Virgo I struggle with too much randomness!
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Kath said...

It sounds very complicated to me but I am sure it will be lovely. Look forward to seeing the finished piece.